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A Bittersweet Evening….

We helped Austin and Alesha load up their Penske Truck this evening for their move to Benton, AR. Sweet, because we know this will be good for them and our business. Bitter, because it seems as though much is ending.

Through the last five years, we have endured many struggles and hard lessons together. We have wept together, played together, eaten hundreds of meals together, prayed many hours together, searched the riches of Christ together, and sat many moments in silence together. We have rejoiced in many victories and dramatic breakthroughs in radical new understandings of our awesome God. We have cringed as lies, gossip, slander, and out-right Satanic attacks have affected our families. We’ve seen highs and lows. We have made many new friends together and seen other friends destroyed by bad choices.

It’s crazy that we are moving in a new direction apart from one another, yet we will always remain great friends and coworkers in business and the Kingdom.

The ministry that started as CrossLife over three years ago, now will spread into a new community. God only knows what will come next for us all.

Prayers, my good friends.


Right Answers. Really?

Religion is about having the right answers, and some of their answers are right. But Father is about the process that takes you to the living answer and once you get to him, he will change you from the inside. There are a lot of smart people who are able to say a lot of right things from their brain because they have been told what the right answers are, but they don’t know Father at all. So really, how can their answers be right even if they are right, if you understand my drift? So even though they might be right, they are still wrong. Don’t look for rules and principles; look for relationship–a way of coming to be with God.

This came from a blog post by my friend Jason Duncan, here.


On Monday, Kacey and I, Austin and Alesha, and Adam and Amber will be setting sail to the Bahamas! We were originally headed to Mexico, but our itinerary with Carnival was changed due to the Swine Flu. I’m not complaining.

We are looking forward to some relaxation, good food, and just plain fun in the sun for a week. It will be a nice change in space and pace, after a crazy and busy Spring. I need to find out about texting from my phone while gone. I hope I will be able to keep up my Twitter.

Tom’s Bar-B-Q…

I guarantee this to be the best bar-b-q restaurant in Memphis. We love heading up to Tom’s for lunch. We know we’ll get great and fast service, unbelievable food, and some awesome stories from Adam, the owner.

So, if you find yourself in the Memphis area, give me a shout, and I’d love to take you to bar-b-q heaven for lunch! 😉

Still Here…

For anyone wondering, yes, I am still here. I have been very busy lately. I am reading, coaching baseball, working, spending more time with my kiddos and wife, and spending way less time in front of a computer. It’s been good. Here are some random thoughts:

  • I am preparing to lead my family through the week of Passover this year by reading through the last week of Jesus’ life (we’ll read a portion on each night), celebrating an actual Passover meal (using an actual Messianic Jewish Liturgy), and celebrating the Feast of the Firstfruits on Easter Sunday (which was always celebrated on the first day of the week after Passover). I have NEVER been this excited about our Savior’s resurrection! BTW, Passover actually begins at sundown on April 8th.
  • I am planning a prolonged blog series covering the life of Christ in His Jewish context of the First Century. I am not sure how I will do this yet, but I am looking forward to moving through His life with my family and friends.
  • Kacey and I are making some huge business changes. We are fully depending on Father to provide. This has been a season of challenge. I am trying not to worry. We need prayer.
  • We have been getting way closer to some of our friends lately. We are planning a multiple family camping trip for next month. I am very much looking forward to this!
  • I love baseball. I love coaching, and being a big part of what my kids are doing. I think this season will be lots of fun!


One Year…

Levi’s first birthday was yesterday. We had several friends over for a cookout and birthday cupcakes and ice cream. We had a great time. Levi didn’t quite understand what all the commotion was about, but he certainly loves the attention.

You can check out Kacey’s blog: www.rhodesrules.wordpress.com for some great pictures of Levi, and a heart-melting view from mom’s point of view. To be honest, I cried as I read it this morning.

In case you are wondering, yes, we have four boys. You can see my flicker photos to the left. You can also roam through Kacey’s blog, to see literally hundreds of pictures over the last 2 1/2 years.


More CMA Thoughts…

Okay, the conference is over. The last day we heard from Dave Gibbons in a general session and the breakouts we went to were done by Brad Fieldhouse, Paul Kaak, and Dana Cole. I will be sharing thoughts from each of these throughout the next week.

I will say now that I was not disappointed at all with this year’s conference. I was at the first CMA conference three years ago. I remember that year I was totally confused. Everything was new to me. My brain hurt. I didn’t know what to do next. As a result, that next year was tough. We tried and “failed” numerous attempts to do “different” things. It was a harsh learning experience that I will never forget.

The next year, we needed some healing and clarity, which we got. I remember thinking during last year’s conference, “That makes sense.” So much of what was shared last year, we had experienced the hard way the year before, and just didn’t know how to frame it with words. Needless to say, we received a lot of clarity, focus, and direction. This past year, has continued to be a healing and refreshing time of learning to listen to Father. We have met so many new friends that offer encouragement, fresh insights, and just plain ol’ friendship. It is good to have new friends to share this crazy journey with.

Now, after this year’s conference, Father has shown me many things. I have fresh ideas of tangible ways to live out Kingdom values in my neighborhood and city. Father has fully begun breaking my heart for Memphis and Southaven in two very radical ways. I will share more on that later. Also, Father is causing some deep introspection. Not the kind that makes one prideful or self-centered, but the kind that breaks you in humility. To be honest, it doesn’t feel all that great. But, feelings can be quite deceiving, because I know this is good. This is the place I must be. I am not sure how long this season will last, but one thing I know, I want to embrace it with a open heart and mind. I am sure I will be sharing much more on this later.

So, the point of this post is to simply say, stay tuned….