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A Bittersweet Evening….

We helped Austin and Alesha load up their Penske Truck this evening for their move to Benton, AR. Sweet, because we know this will be good for them and our business. Bitter, because it seems as though much is ending.

Through the last five years, we have endured many struggles and hard lessons together. We have wept together, played together, eaten hundreds of meals together, prayed many hours together, searched the riches of Christ together, and sat many moments in silence together. We have rejoiced in many victories and dramatic breakthroughs in radical new understandings of our awesome God. We have cringed as lies, gossip, slander, and out-right Satanic attacks have affected our families. We’ve seen highs and lows. We have made many new friends together and seen other friends destroyed by bad choices.

It’s crazy that we are moving in a new direction apart from one another, yet we will always remain great friends and coworkers in business and the Kingdom.

The ministry that started as CrossLife over three years ago, now will spread into a new community. God only knows what will come next for us all.

Prayers, my good friends.


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