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Kissed By Eternity…

I am smitten. The beauty of the eternal purpose of God is laying hold of my life as never before. Oh, the bliss of my soul….

What, you may ask, is this “purpose”? Well, I will say, it is not just any purpose; it is THE purpose. It is the very reason behind the cosmos. It is in Biblical terms, a great mystery. Hidden throughout the ages in God, and revealed through events, dispensations, and ultimately God’s Son, Jesus. This is the purpose of highest grandeur. It is the heart-beat of Father. It is the very expression of God’s mind to the creation. I shall try to explain further….

I think of a line from eternity past stretching forth into eternity future. This is perhaps a forced concept because eternity is neither linear nor comprehensible. Also, God inhabits eternity rather than moving along a fixed line of time, but for the sake of simplification for our finiteness, I see a line….

Somewhere along this line in eternity past, God, within Himself, as perfect and complete and communal with Father, Son, and Spirit as He was and is, felt a strong desire, say I with reverential humility, a need, to share Himself. This would be no ordinary sharing, for it was no ordinary need. You see, God had not a Body. God had not a Family. God had not an expression of Himself outside of Himself, thus He was unexpressed. I am not saying God was lonely. I am not saying He wasn’t self-sufficient, for He was and is. God was not incomplete as though He needed to be more than what He was. He simply had a strong desire to express Himself outside of Himself….

So, He created. And, wow, did He ever create! All that we see and know, and so much further beyond that, He created. But, it was a Body, a dwelling place, that occupied His longing….

Thus, in the beginning, God created all that would ultimately give Him expression outside of Himself, yet of Himself. In this spectacular realm of creation, He made a man. That man, He breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and He became the image bearing expression of God for the cosmos. Then, out of that man bore He forth and woman of equal magnitude and splendor, which was the completion of God’s expression. How beautiful God’s expression!

But God knew what was to come. And in the counsels of eternity past had already planned what would become redemption, for this man and woman, the expression of God in reality, would not stay as thus, but would rather become something other than God’s very own expression. They chose instead to express themselves, and exert themselves over God….

So, this man and woman, the original corporate identity of God in the creation, became of their own, for their own, and by their own. They now existed from God, but outside of God, separated from Him and in all their ways against Him. But God did not remain at loss. He had a purpose all along!

God began breaking into this new reality. Over and over again we read of this in-breaking throughout the history of the world through the prophets of old, until Christ, who became the very expressed image of the Most High. Emmanuel. God in the flesh….

And so this linear line of eternity of which I first spoke was altered, so to speak. A tangent. An alternate reality from that which conformed to the eternal purpose of God. Again, this was no surprise. It is not alternate in that God didn’t seit coming and came up with plan B. Rather, it lies outside God’s original purpose. This redemption was not God’s original purpose. It became part of it by our choice and course of free-will action. The linear progressionof the eternal purpose of God’s expression takes a dramatic dip, of which we are still a part today. We are on the “upswing” of this “dip”, for we are on the revealed side of the Cross, but we are yet to see fully the eternal purpose of God realized….

Until, we catch a glimpse of it in the last two chapters of Revelation. We see once again, a Man and a woman. Rather than a garden, we see a city made from the materials originally present within that garden, and so much more we see….

So, in the beginning and in the end, we see this eternal purpose of God as God’s ultimate passion. In between these two scenes we see this unfolding passion and purpose revealed over and over….

So, the question is, where does the Church fit into this ultimate passion and purpose?

More to come….


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