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Something a Bit New…

I have now had this particular blog for over two years. I had another blog for nearly a year before this one, so, I have been out here in cyberspace rambling about life, family, church, books, and other stuff. I have ruffled a few feathers from time to time. I have inserted my foot into my mouth on a few occasions. I have challenged and been challenged. I have received numerous emails, both critical and encouraging. All-in-all, I have enjoyed blogging.

The downside is I haven’t been very consistent. When, on occasion, I engage my readers with provocative topics, I get to enjoy the interaction that typically ensues. My posting is very “in-the-moment” and sporadic. There is good and bad about this. The bad is that my readers never know when I will post, or what I might say. It can be a bit confusing and pointless. Recently, however, I have received several opportunities to review books. Good books. Some of them are pre-release reviews. Some are brand new releases.

This got me to thinking more about my blog and how better to use it as a platform to help people follow the Way of Jesus. How can my blog be used as an information portal where those on the journey can be challenged, encouraged, and engaged in intelligent conversation about relevant issues facing Jesus followers today? That’s, my friends, is one big honkin’ question!! 🙂

So here is what I have decided to do going forward. In a few weeks I will launch a new blog “schedule”.

It will look something like this:

  • Monday: “Monday’s Meditation” – This will be a reflection on a passage of Scripture or a spiritual thought that I have been thinking. Like a devotion.
  • Tuesday: “Tuesday’s Web Review”– This is where I will review a website or a blog that I think is relevant for the journey. If you have a site that you think deserves a shout-out, email me!
  • Wednesday: “Wednesday’s Wondering”– On this day, I will simply post a question or a survey. I want candid, YET RELEVANT, discussion. I will be moderating and will strike thy stupid comments down!! 🙂
  • Thursday: “Thursday’s Book Review”– Obviously, I will review a book on this day. I will try to give lot’s of link love and other relevant information. I will review new release books, pre-release books, and older books in my library.
  • Friday: “Friday Free For All!” – This will be my random post day. Videos, links to other articles, pics, family stuff, whatever!

Saturday and Sunday will be open days. I will probably rarely post on these days as has been my practice until now. I hope this “schedule” will help my blog be more relevant and helpful.



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