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So Beautiful…

This book is “sweet“!

Yeah, I know that’s corny considering the auther is Leonard Sweet, but I am quite serious. It hit the “sweet” spot. 🙂 Wow, I did it again.

I had the privilege of downloading the audio book for free from Christian Audio. They feature a free download every month, which is “sweet” as well! 🙂 I just can’t help myself.

Anyway, I don’t listen to too many audio books, but I am glad I had this book. On Mother’s Day, I drove for 12 hours to visit my mom in Minden, LA. During the drive, I put my iPod ear buds in and listened to the “So Beautiful” audio book. It was refreshing and engaging.

His three points? Missional, Relational, Incarnational. Simple, profound, and, yes, so beautiful.

Len didn’t just throw these out as cool buzz words either. He unpacks them in a fresh and relevant story that will sting the heart of the disengaged and rally the broken in spirit.

God is missional. He is actively engaged in history redeeming a people for Himself. The church, whatever form she finds herself in, must be about the Father’s business.

God is relational. He is real, loving, embracing. Relationships are central to the Gospel and a key component to being human.

God is incarnational. He became flesh and is still being fleshed out. We must live in the world. We must be in the world, not of the world, and defiantly out of the world. We must “re-inhabit” our world. We are here to bring Him here. Oh, this is “so beautiful.”

This is my first Len Sweet book, but it shall NOT be my last.


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