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From Eternity To Here…

The title makes the book. God’s beautiful, tragic, messy, unique, passionate love story of the ages. The Eternal engaging the finite. The Powerful rescuing the weak. A homeless Father searching, longing for a home. A Son head-over-heals in love with His bride. A bride? Yes, a beautiful woman of grandeur without spot, wrinkle, or blemish. A spectacular woman prepared for an “other-worldly” wedding. A woman ripped out of the side of a Man. A Man whose side burst forth with blood and water as He sought to procure and save His beloved. An inhabited people. A family. A body of flesh and bones who incarnate the Eternal. God in us, with us. A God of relationship. A God on mission. A God who incarnates into our reality.

Do these thoughts seem sporadic? Do they seem surreal? Well, Frank paints a masterful and poetic work of art as he weaves God’s sweeping epic of the ages into a timeless book. I am glad he wrote this book.

As an avid reader of Frank Viola for nearly three years now, it was refreshing to see his passion for Jesus and His bride. This book couldn’t have come at a better time. The church is caught between multiple paradoxes, great cultural upheaval, social calamity, and economic turbulence. How shall we navigate the muddy waters of life? How can the church be real, tangible, practical, and engaging? How can the church truly engage, hear, love, experience, and fully incarnate Her lover to a world without hope?

She must know who she is…

Thank you Frank for this book.


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