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Busy Week…

This past week was crazy! I tried to keep my Twitter up. I found out that 3 in 5 new Twitter users stop after just one month. Interesting. I hope I hang with it longer. It’s been fun. If I have a thought, I send a simple text. It pops up right here on my blog. Mind you, I haven’t had any “break-through” thoughts since I began Twittering, but one may come soon enough. 🙂

Anyway, I thought I would give a run down of the books I am reading right now.

  1. Jesus, Interupted“, by Bart Ehrman – I got this book through the Ooze Viral Bloggers. I have been and will continue to review this book in depth.
  2. From Eternity To Here“, by Frank Viola – I am glad I am reading this book while I am reading Ehrman’s book above. This book is beautifully and masterfully written. I will review it in depth as well.
  3. Organic Leadership“, by Neil Cole – I have actually been reading this book for a while now. I will review it as well. I have learned a good bit from it.
  4. The Monkey and the Fish“, by Dave Gibbons – All I can say is, “Third Culture.” This book is awesome. It has made me more aware of my surroundings in the Memphis area. God has already allowed me to practice aspects of Third Culture, and didn’t even realize it. I will post more on this later.
  5. Jesus Christ the Greatest Life“, by Johnston Cheney and Stanley Ellisen – I have to thank my awesome friends, Charles and Priscilla Tims for this book! Thank you! This will be a great book to use as a study tool while reading Ehrman’s book above. It is a harmonization of the four Gospels.
  6. God is Back“, by John Micklethwait and Adrian Wooldridge – I actually haven’t started this book yet. I just got it in the mail. My intention is to wait until I am finished with the others.

So, yeah, I am probably reading too much, again, but I really enjoy reading. It keeps my mind sharper. Stay tuned for engaging reviews!!


Also upcoming:

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