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Jesus, Interupted (Post 1)…

So, I received my first free book from the ooze viral bloggers. I am actually excited about this book, though my initial impression of it is not that grandiose. I have decided to blog as I read through it. I am not sure how many posts this may end up being, but I will summarize them in the end. So here goes…

In the Preface, Ehrman gives an abbreviated story of his conversion to Fundamental, Evangelical Christianity and then his conversion out of it as he learned the “truth” about the Bible. Interesting story. I always enjoy hearing or reading conversion stories, no matter what the conversion is from or to. Their is much to learn from conversion expereinces and stories regarding human sociology. I hope he shares more on this in the book.

However, my first impression from chapter one is not so appealing. I’ll share a few brief quotes:

Scholars of the Bible have made significant progress in understading the Bible over the past two hundred years…

…not only are most Americans (increasingly) ignorant of the contents of the Bible, but they are also almost completely in the dark about what scholars have been saying about the Bible…

They are the views that have held sway for many, many years among the majority of serious critical scholars…they have not been effectively communicated…among the people of faith…

He also writes:

This book is meant to help redress that problem. It could be seen as my attempt to let the cat out of the bag.

So, Ehrman has graced all of us ignorant and unlearned folks of faith with the wealth of his expertise by writing us a book. Here’s what’s funny…

On the back cover, one of the endorsements reads,

God’s Problem contains so much earnest humility that he will find sympathetic readers even among believers…

No, I haven’t read very far yet, but “earnest humility”? Really?

Anyway, I will say, as beleivers, we must be awakened to our gross ignorance of critical textual scholarship. We must give our ear to those who teach the Bible in major Universities, because this is what they are teaching and have been for years.

I am glad to be reading this book, and look forward to learning and giving my own, probably very biased, opinions.



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