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Going to Cali…

It’s that time of year again!! This Thursday we’re flying out to Los Angeles, CA, again for what has become the annual CMA Organic Leadership Conference hosted by Church Multiplication Associates Resources. We have become friends with some of these guys over the last three years and look forward to meeting up with folks and hopefully meeting new friends. If you haven’t signed up, you probably won’t, but you can register at the door nonetheless.

I will try to blog about some of the sessions and breakouts. This year my wife, Kacey, and Austin’s wife, Alesha, will also be traveling with us, so we are very excited about them getting to experience a great weekend. In addition, Austin’s parents, Roger and Sheila Taylor, are meeting us out there. So this will be a family affair! Plus, we also decided to stay an extra few days and are heading to Hollywood and Universal Studios. So, this is turning out to be somewhat of a mini-vacation.

In addition to all of this, as if this isn’t good enough, we will all be getting Neil Cole’s new book, “Organic Leadership”! I actually just received my copy in the mail, because I didn’t know I’d be getting a free one. So, I’ll have some books to give away when we get back. Anyone out there interested?



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  1. Count me in for a book, if you don’t mind the hassle of mailing… Sounds like a great read. Also, I have a couple of friends who would be interested in reading it. My pal Patrick just finished “The Starfish and the Spider” and “The Shack.” And my bud Steven finished “The Shack” and “So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore.”

  2. No prob!! It sure looks like Father is doing some great things up there in Indiana. I can’t wait to sit and visit again one day. I miss your messiness around here sometimes! LOL 🙂

  3. Oh, but I just need one copy if you can spare it. We share books up here. I’m about to read “So You Don’t” and Patrick read my Shack book and another friend has it now.

  4. I just got the book in the mail. Haven’t read it yet though… probably be a month or more before I get a chance to. I really hope it’s not a rehash of all his previous material…

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