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Off To Florida!!!

The time has finally come! We have waited all summer to head to the beach. We leave tomorrow morning at 5 AM heading to the San Destin Resort in Florida. The kids are excited. We have our shade canopies, boogie-boards, sun-screen, swimsuits, and flip-flops ready to go.

I am finishing up a few work projects before taking the week off, and Kacey is running around packing, cleaning, and marking off our extensive list of things to take and do. We are excited about hanging out with Kacey’s parents, sister, grand-parents, and a couple of cousins for the week. I know that Kacey’s grandma is bringing a ton of food! We really don’t have too much planned. I know we are going on a dolphin cruise Monday and we are going to a go-kart track on Thursday. Other than that, we are just chillin’ in the ocean breeze!

I think I am going to take “Search & Rescue” by Neil Cole to read while there. I have had the book for a couple of months and have been reading other things. Since Cole uses his years as a lifeguard on the beaches of Southern California to illustrate organic church principles, I thought reading the book on the beach would be pretty cool.

I may try to spit out a blog post while enjoying the sun, but more than likely I will avoid the computer. We will get back next Saturday. So, to all my blogging pals I say, keep it real!!



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