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Yeah, read this and you will will ask the same question…

I am not a “gay-basher”, nor am I “homophobic”. I believe Jesus loves the homosexual just as much as the heterosexual. God’s love is not based upon our external actions and choices, but rather on His personal character of love.


I do believe the Bible to be God’s Word. Translations certainly have their issues. The original Greek (NT) and Hebrew/Aramaic (OT), must continuously be re-translated as our language changes. This is the challenge for each generation.


The Bible does pointedly address the issue of practicing homosexuality. In no way can the original text be translated in such a way as to show God’s approval for any type of deviant sexual practices, including such activities between members of the same gender. This is not the way God created the natural order. It IS viewed by God as wrong/sinful. (PERIOD)


This does not mean that God “hates” the homosexual, as some “Christians” claim. In no way is this particular action separated as excessively heinous in God’s eyes. God doesn’t look more unfavorably upon homosexual activity than He does heterosexual promiscuity, adultery, gossip, lying, murder, hate, pride, greed, etc.


There will always be those who seek to justify their lifestyle choices by accusing Christians of bigotry, judgementalism, hypocrisy, etc. The article mentioned above is just another example of such practice. Of a truth, Christians have taken up certain sins and built entire issues out of them (i.e abortion, homosexuality). While these are issues to be addressed, modern Christians expend TOO much energy on being against these things rather than helping to created God-driven alternatives of love and grace. This attitude is partly to blame for such extremism that is found in the actions of many left-leaning social action groups. Maybe if we focused more on what we are “for” rather than on what we are “against”, we’d have a much healthier impact on those whose lives are being ravaged by poor choices and blinded by our display of hate rather than love.

My heart hurts for Mr. Bradley Fowler. The pain he feels as a result of his life choices, and the imminent hate he has obviously felt from the “Christian”right is far less than what God created Him to experience in life. Yet, so few Christians will stop to love and pray for such a soul.

Will you join me in praying for Bradley?



2 Responses

  1. Yes, let’s pray for Mr. Bradley. It’s a shame when one’s own family rejects them, no matter the reason. Are we so far above sin ourselves that we can simply write others off? I’m glad Jesus didn’t write us off, but instead, was compelled by love and mercy to take the punishment of our sins upon His back. Ohhh, for the day that “Christians” stop bringing reproach upon the name of Christ.

    Now, slightly off topic, I think Mr. Bradley is suing the wrong people. If anything, he’d have a better chance of suing his family for defamation of character. I just don’t see a case here where the translations can be blamed for the behavior of his parents towards him. I just don’t know, but an interesting and unique situation, nonetheless.

  2. Yeah, the lawsuit, which I didn’t seem to mention, is quite frivolous. I mean, really, it’s quite stupid. I should’ve made that point, but I was still recoiling from the article as I wrote my post, so I wasn’t really thinking about that.

    I wonder what’s next?


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