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I just got through reading:

Good book. Lots of stuff to digest. Reminded me of how far away I really am. Also reminded me just how big this stinkin’ world is!! Man our scope for filtering life is so narrow. I have really begun to think and pray for Memphis. I drive through Memphis fairly regular, and always try to notice the people. The cardboard “cities” under the overpasses, the “street-walkers”, etc. I try to imagine their pain, their bad choices, and their lack of knowledge of any “other” way. What can we do?

I am now reading:

I am not far into it, but can already tell that it will make me wish I had not read it. 🙂 To share a quote:

You can be sure that these chaotic events are keeping end-times prophecy buffs very busy, but my passion is for discovering what God is doing in these turbulent times, and how I can be much more a part of it. For followers of Jesus, times of challenge are always times of opportunity to give new creative expression to God’s love for a people and a world. The character Gandalf, in The Lord of the Rings, reminds us that we can’t choose the times in which we are born, but says, “We are responsible for the time that is given to us.”

Tom Sine, The New Conspirators

This is not a book about a certain way of “doing” church, but instead how to be the church in such a volatile era of history. Tom Sine writes a lot about the church’s “transition”. Very interesting and insightful. Once again, it makes me appreciative of my history and those that still do “normal” ministry in traditional settings.

If you have time, you should also check out this article, “My Gripes About the House Church Movement”. Read through the whole thing if you’re gonna read it!! It is worth the effort. Just tryin’ to keep it real around here! 🙂



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