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So You Don’t Want To Go To Church Anymore?

Both Austin and myself have read this book now. It blew us away. So much of our experience was confirmed in the pages of this simple, easy to read book. We have even bought it for four of our closest friends. Now, I want to recommend it to my readers.

Below you will find several links that I recommend checking out, but first a warning. If you are satisfied with the status quo, do not click these links. If you think all is well within Christianity, do not click on these links. If going to church, fulfills your spiritual needs, do not click on these links. If you don’t want to be challenged way outside your comfort zone, don’t click on these links. Please be careful. This path will not leave you the same. It may even cause great pain and discomfort to come into your life. Believe me from experience, this rabbit hole is dangerously powerful. This is the “red pill” (for you Matrix fans) of all red pills. Your life will surely never be the same. You may go on with life as usual, but you will never think about church the same again. So, once agian, I say, “Please be careful!!”

Buy the book, “So You Don’t Want To Go To Church Anymore?”

Download the ebook if you can’t purchase it:

Visit the interactive website:

Listen to this interview with the authors about the book and their journey:

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7 Responses

  1. I haven’t looked at the links yet, but would you recommend this book for me?

  2. Absolutely! Just remember, knowledge can easily make you arrogant instead of wiser. Be careful with what you do with such information. Also, remember that it is better to love someone to your point of view rather than arguing them into it.

    Thanx! 🙂

  3. I have read it..and I loved it from the very beginning.
    Recently left my church because of the stronghold
    of power and a pastor who is too old and comfortable
    to confront the situation..I miss my friends but my
    conscience is clear..I was honest about my reason
    for leaving and I am not looking to join up with any
    other organized group…I am reading my Bible and
    praying for God to show me my next assignment.
    I have recommended this book to many of my friends.
    I have been a Christian for 22 years and need a
    fresh touch…I feel something stirring that had been
    almost snuffed out.

  4. I agree with all comments above. Regarding the Matrix comment, it was the red pill, not the blue pill that awoke Neo to the truth.

  5. Hi there,

    I’m looking foward to reading the book and following the links, but I have also just finished watching the Matrix, and the ‘truth’ pill was the red one, not the blue one.


  6. Thanx to both corrections on the post. You guys are right, Neo did take the red pill not the blue pill. My mistake. I have corrected the article above. I guess I should be more careful when using illustrations!! 🙂

  7. Yup, totally agree. One of the coolest books of the century!

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