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Take a look at these pics. Yeah, you see it alright! The back glass of my car is shattered! Jonathan and I were out in the yard yesterday playing catch while I was grilling chicken. Aaron and Caleb decided they would join the fun, so they grabbed their gloves and a baseball. I strategically placed them away from our vehicles, but as they often do, they strayed from their spot. Caleb chunked the ball in the air in attempt to practice catching a pop-up. His plan went awry from the moment the ball left his hand. Then, it happened. A loud thud, a distinct shattering noise, and my blood hitting the top of my head!!

I must say, however, that I kept my cool, because it was an accident. An accident that will certainly cost me $400 if I’m lucky!

Well, the important thing is, I think we all learned an important lesson…watch out when Caleb grabs a baseball!! 🙂



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