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Rained Out! :(

Today, Aaron’s Kindergarten class had a field trip to the Memphis Zoo. Caleb got to skip out on his Pre-K class, and all were excited about the adventure. I watched the weather this morning and knew the rain was moving this way, and sure enough, it came. We got soaked. But, before the deluge, we did have a great time. Kacey and I were also assigned a couple of Aaron’s friends to chaperon. They were Adam and Jerryun.

This makes the second time this year we have had a trip to the Zoo rained out. Maybe, next time we won’t be left hangin’ in the rain.

Tonight will be Jonathan’s very first Baseball tournament to ever play in. The Cardinals of Southaven will go head to head with the Tigers of Southaven in the Desoto Tournament. We may play as many as nine games over this weekend! Jonathan is excited. I’ll post the outcome after it’s all over, so stay tuned! We are hoping tonights games won’t get rained out.



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  1. Hey man, which email do you check, lol. I sent you an email to one of your boxes last weekend but you didn’t respond or receive it or something.

    Hope all is well,

    Jeff T

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