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A Life Moment

Once again I must show off my boys. These guys amaze me. People always ask Kacey and I how we can do life with all these boys. Our response is simple. We can’t imagine NOT doing life with these fellas!

Now don’t get the wrong impression. Life’s not all peaches and cream around here. We certainly have our moments of intensity and insanity. We have our share of dirty socks and underwear that can’t seem to find there innocent little way into the hamper. The occasional pen and crayon mark will miraculously appear on the wall, bed, furniture, or anywhere that such a mark could possibly appear. And then, there are the commodes. I am constantly amazed at how difficult it seems to be to push that tiny little handle down for three seconds.

Yeah, I know, these are minor things. To be honest we do struggle with larger issues, but that’s none of your business now is it? LOL! All-in-all, we love our lives. These boys help create memories that would make our life very boring if they did not exist.

Oh, BTW, baseball officially cranked up a few weeks ago. We have been pretty much living at the baseball park ever since. Several evening have found us there for over four hours hopping between three games. Jonathan, Aaron, and Caleb are all playing on three different teams this year. This is a first for us. It has certainly been an adjustment, especially with Levi and the necessary stuff to sustain him through these long evenings. Every time we go to the park it seems like we are packing for a vacation!

Hopefully, I’ll have some good baseball pics to show off soon!



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  1. I love the pictures of the boys. They are so precious!!! I know you and Kacey are so proud of them. And I’m proud of you all!!! I will print them out when I get a chance and take a copy to MaMaw. She will love it!!!

    I love you guys!!

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