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The Ramblings of A Spiritual Pauper

I am presently taken aback by the power and infection of fear and conformity. The institution has won a battle. My present struggles will be kept silent for the fear and tremblings of others.

You are truly my disciples if you remain faithful to my teachings. And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

(John 8:31-32)

A few months ago, I took a friend to jail. Drugs had racked his life to the point of homelessness and hopelessness. I had done all I could think of to help him see the truth. He was deceived by the drugs that ensnared him. He was entangled in the lies he used to justify and manipulate his way through the streets and life. It was sad. The destruction the lies and deceit had caused in this young man’s life are incalculable.

The only thing I could think to tell him as he was getting out of my car, was, “Stop lying. Tell the freakin’ truth,” I said in a moment of total rage at the situation my friend was in. I wasn’t really angry with him as much as with his circumstances. Yes, he made his choices, but choices had turned into dependence, and I was ticked. “You can never, ever go wrong by telling the absolute truth,” I continued. “No matter how scared you are, or what damage you might think the truth will cause. Jesus said the truth brings freedom.” I couldn’t believe the intensity that was driving me. “Ever since I have known you, you have told one lie after another. I can’t tell between your lies and the truth anymore, and neither can anyone else. I’m not sure if you even know the truth about yourself anymore.”

I will never forget that conversation. It changed the way I have ever thought about how powerful lies and truth are, even half truths. I understand that when Jesus was saying this He was referring to His truth setting people free from the whatever was keeping them separated from God, but I think it applies in like manner to everyday truth. The reality that we always live in. When we live in a state of deception, we cannot find freedom. When we are going around telling half truths and partial stories in an effort to cover up our own personal schemes, we will be in constant bondage of the fear that someone will find out the truth. This is no way to live…

…but sometimes we are caught in the middle of someone else’s half truths. That is when I run into the brick wall of not knowing what to do. So, I’ll wait. I guess I’ll wait on the total truth to come out one way or another. I just hope it doesn’t serve up a good dose of destruction in the eventual fall out.



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