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New Books!

I am excited about some new books I just received from Amazon. I got three of them yesterday. They are:

So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore…an unexpected journey” by Jake Coleson

“Life After Church…God’s Call to Disillusioned Christians” by Brian Sanders

Search and Rescue…Becoming a Disciple Who Makes a Difference” by Neil Cole

I don’t know anything about the first two. I just saw them and thought they would be interesting to read. Neil Cole’s book is fresh off the press. He shared part of it when we were at the CMA Conference in California in February. I think it will be a great read. My ideas of how to be a disciple and make more disciples have been radically changed over the last two years. After being in the trenches of making disciples without any of the traditional tools (i.e. programs, buildings, budgets, literature, etc.), I can say most of what I once thought of discipleship is gone. Some of what I have learned has been “on the fly”, some has been from the minds and experience of close friends and mentors, and a lot has been from the many and varied books I have engulfed.

I should be getting the other six books I ordered today or tomorrow. I am sure I will be pulling out lots to blog about over the next several weeks.

I just finished, “Vintage Jesus”by Mark Driscoll. All I can say is wow. It is like I have fully rediscovered Jesus. It is not that he says anything new or mind-blowing. He just shares the simple truths about who Jesus was and is. He wrote about His divinity and humanity, His reign and His Kingdom, His death and His resurrection, His life on earth and His life from the eternal. This book led me to stop often and simply worship the One I love and owe my life to. I hope to share more later. I am still processing some information.



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