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Mental Defragmentation

It’s been about a week since my last post. I have been very busy, so I’ll just unload some thoughts…

  • I think we are ready for Levi Craig Rhodes to show up in our lives this coming Tuesday! This is our fourth boy, so we are a little nervous about our full house and for the simple fact we haven’t had a baby in a few years now. I hope I remember how to do this stuff!
  • It is snowing outside right now, and we are supposed to get around 3-6 inches or something like that. We are already at about 2-3 inches now, and it should keep coming for another couple of hours. My kids are pumped about the snow, and I am too!
  • I went on a very productive business trip last Tuesday. I don’t travel a lot, but I had fun visiting all day with David Pittman, the owner of the company I contract with. This guy has taught me how to be successful in the Long Term Care industry and I owe him more than I could ever repay. Plus this guy loves Jesus!
  • I have been having Internet and computer problems for nearly a month now. I got the Internet problem fixed, but my desk top is with HP getting overhauled for the second time. I don’t get along with electronics well.
  • I am still reading “Unchristian”, “Vintage Jesus”, and “Seeker Small Groups”. Great stuff. I will have more thoughts to share on these later.
  • We recently moved out of our apartment and into a house. I have met and made friends with several of our neighbors. It’s great to get to know some more new people in the area. Plus one of my neighbors is from Louisiana, and holds several season tickets to the LSU football games. I definitely sense a road trip on the horizon!!!!
  • I wish the media would stop talking about the perceived economic “problem”. The economy is great, but they have everyone afraid to move money, especially in large real estate ventures like Nursing Homes. Just shut up and do your job with “objective” news coverage.
  • I already hate taxes, but it looks like we’ll be paying even more by next year. Democratic President???
  • I have found a new service project I will be getting involved with soon. I will be sharing more about this and some other ideas I have in the upcoming weeks.
  • I think I am getting better at listening. I probably need some outside objective observations to confirm or reject that idea, but I know that I want to listen more than I ever have.
  • I have been enjoying my conversation here. I am learning a lot and appreciate Samuel for taking the time to interact.
  • I met and befriended a couple while at the OB-GYN today with Kacey. He has a kid, but this is her first. I gave them a card. I hope they call. Unfortunately, we were leaving and I didn’t get their names.
  • Baseball practices have cranked up. I will be helping Austin coach a 5-6 year old team again. My middle son, Aaron, will be on that team. We drafted our kids a couple of nights ago and it looks like we should have a good team. Jonathan moved up this year and is on a team that looks to be well-coached and has some great players. Caleb will be in his final year of T-ball. I am sure I will be helping coach that team as well. I hope we make some new friends and get reacquainted with some from last year.
  • It looks like we will have lots of family and friends coming through the house over the next few weeks. I look forward to these days.
  • I love what we do. I love where we are. I love our friends. I love my wife. I love my kids.

Um, that’s about all that’s rattling around in there for now.



3 Responses

  1. Sounds hectic dude! I just wish that more of the stuff I had to do actually involved people instead of either a computer or pieces of paper/textbooks.

    I noticed your reading Vintage Jesus; how is it? Is it really Calvinistic (talking of Common Grace and all that)? I got it sitting on my shelf to probably start on in a day or two. I’m currently reading The New Christians by Tony Jones – it’s very thought provoking and insightful (as some of my blog posts show). I also got Surprised by Hope by N.T. Wright and Jesus For President by Shane Claiborne. I look forward to rethinking the “end times” and the way of peace, respectively.

    Reading has never been so much fun!

  2. Dude Tony Jones Himself posted on my blog!!!! 🙂

  3. Goop post! But…
    The economy really isn’t great…unless you like recessions and job loss. But if you like playing put options in the stock market…:-)

    Democratic president??? Capital gains taxes would double…not good for your line of work. Or mine.

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