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Take a Moment and Practice

I would like to encourage you, whoever you may be, to stop a moment and listen to this podcast from the Fermi Project in reference to the book, “UnChristian“:

 Click Here to download the mp3. (It’s only about 25 minutes or so.)

This is an interview with Chuck Colson, author of “How Now Shall We Live”. I read this book several years ago, and this interview made me want to get that book back out and reread it. This is exactly what we have been talking about in CrossLife, and, in return, I have been trying to communicate on my blog. Pay particular attention to his idea of common grace. That is an interesting thought.

This is very exciting to me!!

Oh, BTW, Austin and I have an interview with a local newspaper reporter today. I am not sure yet how I feel about this. My fear is that I will say something really stupid and it will show up in a public publication. That would really stink.



3 Responses

  1. Dude…Don’t worry about the interview. I am sure that you guys will do great. Just share you honest vision. If God is in it…You can’t go wrong. Just keep my beloved brother -in-law from sounding too much like a redneck.

    Colson…Awesome! i am a big Colson fan. love to read this guys stuff.

  2. The interview did go really well. We should have the guy’s draft of the article pretty soon. I think it’s going to be good.

    I like Colson becasue he isn’t just rhetoric. He has put tangible feet on what he writes about. He isn’t just a theorist. He is living it. (i.e. Prison Fellowship)


  3. I aint never sounded like no redneck kid SSHOOT!!!

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