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Currently Reading and Processing…

Have I ever mentioned that I love to read. Back in the day, my time outside of work and/or school was spent hunting and fishing. Then, I had kids and had to start working more and spending that my time hanging out with my family, which, BTW, I do not at all regret. I love spending lots of time with my family.

Anyway, when I am not hanging with the fam, or blazing the phone lines with business, I enjoy diving headlong into a good book.

I just finished “Jim and Casper Go To Church”. Check out this post and this post for my thoughts on this book.

I am currently reading “UnChristian” by David Kinnaman. I can’t say too much about it at this point, but whoa!! The book can be pointedly summed up in the opening sentence of the book itself, “Christianity has an image problem.”

I am also still reading “Seeker Small Groups” by Garry Poole. I have written some thoughts about this book here, here, and here. This book actually gels quite well with the other two books.

So what am I learning these days?

  • I am guilty and repenting of seeing people outside of the Christian faith as projects to convert rather than people to befriend.
  • I am guilty and repenting of being a moralist.
  • I am rethinking how I live out and share the Gospel from a Kingdom perspective, rather than a three point presentation and a decision card.
  • I am learning that homosexuals are not the enemy of Christianity, our country, my family, or my values.
  • I think most of the “system” we call Christianity and/or church desperately needs to leave the back door, though this won’t happen soon or without a significant fight.
  • I am learning that a church gathering doesn’t have to be a prayer, three songs, a sermon, and a prayer, but a much more intimate gathering of friends who seek to live out the life of Christ with love for God and people, while diligently seeking to make disciples of Jesus.
  • Church doesn’t “HAVE” to meet on Sunday mornings.
  • Kacey and I could not have made it through the last year without Austin and Alesha Taylor.
  • I am nervous about our fourth boy coming on March 11th.
  • I think I have Adult ADD.
  • We started a church, named it CrossLife, and now it is time for us to start “being” the church in our community.

Wow, it feels great to get that out there…



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