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Another Thought About “Jim and Casper Go To Church”

I am not really all that concerned with offending people, especially those who think they have it all figured out. I certainly don’t want to be accused of bashing Christians, because I am one. I think Christians take an unfair punch to the gut in the media today, eventhough some of that is our own doing. My point is, churches are hurting. Many are hanging on to the nostalgia of days gone by, while some are trying so desperately to make connections they are forgetting about Biblical truth and thereby becoming irrelevant to peoples’ lives.

We need help. We need a change of perspective. This is why I love the book, “Jim and Casper Go To Church”. I have already written about this book here, but I found something I wanted to share that may help you see why I think this book is an important read for anyone who wants to make a difference in the world. The following exert was written by George Barna and comes from the forward of the book. This is his diagnosis of how this book could benefit the church. As you read this book and examine your church context,  ask these questions:

  • What is, and how compelling is, the call to action?
  • How is the Word of God integrated into practical examples of living the faith?
  • What prior knowledge and belief does the church assume attenders possess?
  • Is the church more interested in conversation or conversion? In dialogue or debate?
  • How accessible is the heart and mind of the ministry?
  • Is the church engaging people or performing for them?
  • How realistic is the teaching? Is it the result of proof-texting or contextualization?
  • What is the church’s capacity for listening?
  • Is this a body of believers who are more interested in serving or in being served?
  • What makes a church genuine and authentic in its interaction with people?
  • How honest are Christians in discussing the cost of following Christ?

For more information on this book and other great resources check out www.churchrater.com.



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