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I have never seen a weather pattern quite like the one that rolled through the Mid-South yesterday afternoon and into the evening. I know at one time we had at least 5 or 6 tornado warnings in or near our county, Desoto County.

The video below, I shot off my back porch. It took us a while to find the camera, so I missed a really good shot, but you can certainly see how ominous this cloud was. You can also hear the emergency sirens and transformers exploding, which knocked our power out for a couple of hours. I didn’t realize it at the time, but this tornado was actually within a mile of our house, and destroyed a couple of warehouses not far away. It continued to move NE into South Memphis, TN, and destroyed part of a mall. From what I have heard, this particular tornado killed several people in our area. Fortunately, it seemed to avoid the densely populated areas in the area, including ours! The last I heard nearly 48 people lost their lives throughout the storm-ravaged area yesterday.

I am thankful for our safety, but we should remember those who lost loved ones and have incredible damage to shuffle through and repair.



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  1. Yesterday truly was a tragic day. On a brighter note, since you’ve seen a tornado once, you’ll probably be lucky enough to never see one again. I hope I never see one!!!

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