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I Hate Taxes…

…but I guess I gotta just deal with it.

I love my country. I am convinced that it is really screwed up at times, but I love it. I honestly wouldn’t want to live anywhere else in the world. I love the free-market system we have. I love owning my own business. I love not having to punch a clock and ask permission to take my family on vacation.

However, I hate tax time. God blessed my business this year, and now I have to pay the piper. It just doesn’t seem fair. I work all year, giving diligence, energy, and much time to growing a prosperous business, only to find out over 1/3 of what I earned will be taken away from me and distributed to people, causes, and special interest crap that I don’t even know about, sometimes don’t agree with, and is often just waisted for the benefit of lining someone else’s pocket or padding their personal resumes.

Well, that’s my gripe, but I do love my country, and I am a law abiding citizen, so I will write my check to Uncle Sam, and hope that something good will come from it like lower gas prices, or at least lower milk prices!! 🙂 I am, however, not one for being taken blindly. So I am on a quest for more knowledge. I will write my check, but it will NOT be for one penny more than what it has to be.

I am currently reading, “Tax Power for the Self-Employed” by James O. Parker. He is apparently a very good tax attorney. I have gleaned some fresh insights, and am beginning to feel better equipped to tackle this project. Austin Taylor picked this book up along with a couple others and we are going through them and trying to educate one another. This is complicated stuff for a couple of back-woods red-necks like ourselves!

Anyway, If any of my beloved readers know of any other sources for easily digestible information, please speak up. Who knows, I may be able to help others, at least with the basics, eventually.



5 Responses

  1. Mike huckabee says if he is elected president…The first thing he is going to do is shut down the IRS!!!!!

  2. Could it be possible? I have heard it said that the government could operate on its own cash flow without any new income if someone would properly balance the budget and quit funding special interest groups that suck!!

    But that kind of move would have to get past the bearaucratically influenced Congress that is controlled by Republicans and Democrats that really only serve their own interests rather than those of the nation.

    I hate politics right under paying taxes and just above the Devil!!

  3. Mike Huckabee, in the words of Mitt Romney, “makes up words faster than he can talk, and that’s saying something”, or something to the effect. 1). He wants to get rid of the income tax and REPLACE it with a “Fair Tax”, 2). He won’t get it passed through Congress. 3). It’s not feasible unless government cuts spending… like that will ever happen…. especially with the war. Mike Huckabee also raised taxes/fees by 500 million in his state to do better health care and education. I don’t believe any tax increase is justified. Cut government programs and special interests and you can have low taxes. [Note: if you can’t tell by now, I don’t like Huckabee, lol, but if you want to cool]

    Yes, you are right, the government could operate on its income from like 10 years ago without an income tax. Spending would have to decrease by about $1 trillion though… a figure resembling how much we nearly spend on our overall foreign policy. I say we shift that money back here to the homeland- idea ascribed to Rep. Ron Paul.

    BTW, have you heard that China is considering going to a gold standard to back up their money? Interesting stuff 🙂

  4. You gotta send me that link to that economic stuff, btw. I don’t know alot about stocks and investing and stuff. My main economic study right now is in Austrian Free Market economics right now… as opposed to our mainly Keynesian Free Market economics.

    I’m gonna try to holla at you soon on skype…just gotta remember to turn it on each day, lol.

  5. http://www.willsperspective.com/?p=37

    Wow! must have foud a sore spot. here is a little Huck reading for ya, Turp.

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