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Back In the Saddle (or something like that!)

We’re back!!

Two weeks is long enough to be gone from home. It fells really weird being back at my trusty old desk. I have thoroughly enjoyed the break from the computer. I shall defragment some thoughts:

  • Christmas was great! We got to see most of our family and the boys racked up on fun stuff for me to play with!! šŸ™‚
  • We, I mean they, got a Wii!! My arm was sore after the first day of play. ( I am not kidding!)
  • We hooked the grand-parents up with web-cams so they could video call the kiddos.
  • I really didn’t eat too much. I am as shocked as you are!!
  • My 29th birthday was December 30th. We spent the day at Epcot!!
  • Our flights to Atlanta and then on to Orlando went way better than I had visualized. (I guess eventually you’ll have to go through security in your undies!!)
  • Disney World was a blast. If you are going, we have some tips to offer!!
  • We didn’t lose our luggage!!! Yay!!
  • We took tons of pics and some great video that Kacey will be sharing on our family blog soon. (Click here)
  • My kids are great!! (Hey, Nate, Disney is still intact!!) šŸ™‚
  • My wife is one tough little cookie!! (Seven months pregnant and walked miles over the last week.)

I’m not sure what 2008 will hold for our family, but I look forward o another year’s worth of adventure with my crew. Well, after taking the month of December off, I gotta get back to work. I hope to start posting regularly. Maybe it will actually happen!



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  1. Hah! i thought yall could take her down!! Glad the family had a good time.

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