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Okay, for some reason I have been on a “fast-track” learning curve about finances lately. I have inundated myself with some very challenging stuff. I am reading an excellent book, “Cashflow Quadrant” by Robert Kiyosaki. It is actually a sequel to a book that I really should have read first, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by the same author. I highly recommend these reads for anyone looking to move out of the typical American financial “Ratrace”. At one time in my life, I felt that money was wicked and evil. What I found out, however, is that mismanagement and ignorance of money is evil and wicked. As Christians, we must be the most financially savvy and sound people on the face of the earth. That is called good stewardship.

I am facing an enormous financial crossroad in my life. I have an opportunity to move from self-employed, contractual work to capital investments that generate long term income. With this move comes risk, but I am seeking God’s wisdom along with sound advice from experienced investors in order to manage the risk. I pray for wisdom and ask that you too pray for me and my family during this transition.



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  1. I saw that you are working on the Wall Street Basics course. Any thoughts? I met a guy in the airport who thought it was great. I would appreciate any feedback you have. Thanks!

  2. I am just beginning the course, and have already learned a lot. However, my knowledge base of investing and the market is very limited, so I am on a steep learning curve. I like the course, because it comes from the perspective that you know very little and have very little to start with. It doesn’t offer a bunch of unrealistic pipe dreams, but gives sound practical instruction and direction for what to do and how to do it successfully. It is DEFINITELY not a “get-rich-quick” program, which would have immediately turned me off.

    I am going through the course with a close friend who got us connected with the course. He knows several people who are also going through it and some who have already been through it. We know of some people who reached the goals the course offers: very early retirement or retirement choice.

    I hope to offer more opinions and info the further I get through the material and begin practicing the principles.

    I am looking for financial freedom. I want to build assets which produce a long-term passive income for my family, and I think this course offers the education to make this very possible within 5 years.

    Hope this helps!!


  3. How does all of this work in view of the macroeconomy? It’s relatively unstable, the dollar is depreciating at a rapid rate, and the Fed is powerless to stop it. The national debt is skyrocketing because of the war which only adds to the problem. And there is a host of other problems.

    I just hope that course covers all that stuff because the market is possibly on the verge of collapsing right now. Also, your investments will be on the line. It might not be a bad idea to invest in gold; it’s the only thing actually increasing in value by leaps and bounds, haha.

    Just wondering?!

  4. When economies and markets “crash” where does the money go? It transfers one one group of people to another. Solid investing and good education (not necessarily college) will equip people who seek to know how to have some of that money transfer to them. That is the “secret”. I am on a steady course to learn that “secret”. The stock market is certainly not the only area of investing. I want to invest in real estate as well. I work in the Long Term Care Industry now, and would love to buy a Nursing Home, which I am currently dilegently seeking to accomplish.

    BTW, if the economy crashes it doesn’t matter where your money is,, or if you have any, even gold. I guess I would just plant a garden and shoot animals, or maybe construct make-shift spears to chunk!! 🙂


  5. I love money!

  6. hope things are still going well with the classes. Looking good on our end!

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