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Well, I know it’s been a while. I’ve been really busy. I should be getting back on track to blog regularly again.

We (CrossLife) have been working on our total restart. This has been a grueling process, but is rewarding at the same time. For the last two weeks, we have been “clarifying our win” and thinking through the steps we want people to take in becoming disciple-makers for Jesus Christ. We have been using the book, “Seven Practices of Effective Ministry” by Andy Stanley, Reggie Joiner, and Lane Jones. We have also been listening to the accompanying podcast “Practically Speaking” (found at www.practicallyspeaking.organd/or on itunes.)

Anyway, this process has been very insightful and has revealed our lack of direction and knowledge of how to plan and think through ministry goals. The following is a debriefing of where we so far. I must add that we are really just beginning this process, and still have a long way to go…

  1. The CrossLife Win: We want to lead people to follow the Way of Jesus.
  2. Our Community Group Win: We want to connect people into authentic relationships.
  3. Our “future” Central Teaching Win: We want to challenge people to make radical choices for Jesus Christ.
  4. We are still working on clear wins for: Community Group Hosts, Community Group Bible Study Leaders, Children’s Ministries, and others.
  5. We are working on our “Key Performance Indicators”, which are the questions we will be regularly asking ourselves to evaluate whether or not we are actually winning. (“Key Performance Indicators”, also KPIs, is a phrase introduced to us through Austin and his business.)
  6. Example KPI questions:How many people are connecting in LTGs? How many people are meeting outside of the Community Group for lunch, dinner, or recreation? How many people did I personally invest time with and invite to CrossLife? How many people are attending a CrossLife event? How many people are visiting the CrossLife website? How many people are giving tithes and offerings to God through CrossLife? How many people are we baptizing? How many people are involved in our Fresh Start Series? How many people have signed the CrossLife Covenant? How many people are involved in Leadership Development? How many LTGs have been multiplied? How many Community Groups have been multiplied? How many people do we have in our Core Group? How close are we to “re”-launching the Central Teaching? and on and on…
  7. We are also making sure we are actually asking the right questions.

As I said, this is no easy process, but we feel this is a vital step of success that we neglected to take early on due to immaturity and the vague idea that we thought we knew what we were doing when we really didn’t. Wow, confession really is good for the soul!!

Hey thanx for stopping by!!


One Response

  1. Bro. Rhodes,

    Happened on your blog from one of Kevin’s blogs. I am at the hospital with my father-n-law today but I found your blog very interesting! Awesome stuuf! I plan to read it in depth when I get home @TBI.
    It is awesome.
    God Bless You.
    John Skipworth

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