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Website Is Alive!

Finally, after a year, we have our website up. We held off for a long time, because we wanted to make sure we were actually communicating reality, not just what we wanted people to think about us.

And so, without further ado, go here to check it out. There are some things that we will be changing and adding to, but for the most part it is complete!



5 Responses

  1. website looks good

  2. Looking good bro! Can it be My Crosslife too??

  3. “Have you ever wondered what Christianity with ‘Churchianity’ would be like?” Just thought you’d like to know, church is mentioned at least 110 times in the N.T. “Unto him be glory IN THE CHURCH by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen. (Ephesians 3:21 KJV) Quotes from the NLT (New Living Translation, right)? “We believe the church MANIFESTS itself as local, visible gatherings of two or more _________ believers who join together to carry out the life of Christ in everything they do.” If it manifests itself in local “gatherings”, do you believe it is universal? Lol, didn’t you leave a few things out before believers? *Shaking head* Wouldn’t Bro. Don be proud of you? I hope you rack your brain all night long wondering who this is from.

  4. I would like for everyone to notice what kind of hypocritical crap I seem to get from people at times. I ordinarily would not have allowed the previous comment, but that last line warranted publishing in the blogsphere. I have seen this “brother” rear his head in several online discussions in which he released his venom at other individuals. He has yet to identify himself in an attempt to cover his shame by remaining annonymous.

    I am excited and passionate about my relationship with Jesus Christ. I am confident in my beliefs and convictions, and am not ashamed to answer any legitimate questions for people interested in learning. I will not waste my time on a Troll, however.

    “Savedbygrace”, a monicker I certainly question, if you are anything at all, step up and identify yourself. Earn respect, or shut your mouth. You are being used not by Christ, but by the Enemy. How shameful and disgusting is your misrepresentation of our Saviour.

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