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Creating the Ethos

Where do you start? What do you do? There must be the first step, right? If we are gonna see a real Church Planting Movement happen, what are we gonna start doing that will really cultivate the environment. A few posts ago, I wrote about cultivating your environment. I want to share this in a slightly different way, with a few additions worth taking note of:

  1. Prayer – This is non-negotiable, incontestable, and absolute. We must set time aside to pray alone, pray as a group, and have people praying for us.
  2. Spiritual Warfare – We must know what we are fighting for and against. Our battles are not against people, but they are spiritual. We don’t need money, technology, or even creativity to fight this fight. We need the holy Spirit.
  3. Thankfulness In ALL Things – We need to hold tightly to Romans 8:28, “And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.
  4. Satan Is Our Enemy – This runs closely with number 2, but is worth mentioning separately. People are not our enemy. People who hurt, malign, detest, or try to intimidate us are not our enemy. Satan is our enemy.
  5. Proverbs to Remember – Short simple phrases that can built into the fabric of the movement. Alan Hirsch refers to this as a “sneezeable” message. Examples: “You must pray it out before you walk it out”, “Life is the culmination of the decisions you make”, “If you don’t like the outcome, do something different”, “Every disciple a disciple-maker”, “Radical change takes radical decisions”, “Lower the bar of what it means to do church, and raise the bar of what means to be a disciple”, “We don’t add converts, we multiply disciples”, “We are already educated beyond our obedience, just do it”, etc…
  6. Train, Don’t Just Teach – Discipleship is so much more than just transferring knowledge. Books can give knowledge, but we must model tangible actions. Training happens in the trenches, not in static institutions.
  7. Evangelize the Lost, Train Christians – We must blur the lines between evangelism and discipleship, but we must remember that a lost person is lost and a saved person is saved, and there is certainly a difference!
  8. Practice What You Preach – If you don’t do it, don’t say it! This one cuts my throat! How can we expect others to catch it, if we don’t do it? Much of what believers need to know isn’t taught, it is caught.
  9. Look For Fertile Soil, and Cultivate It – Jesus did this using parables. He used them as filter to weed out those who were only there for free food. Those who actually listened and asked questions, He gave further instruction (Mark 4). Then, He held them accountable for what they knew and called them to action!
  10. Use Any Method True To Scripture To Reach The Lost – All things to all people without the sin. (More on this later!)

I pray that these simple principles would inform our attitudes and actions.



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