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Cultivate Your Environmet

All life must have the proper environment for reproduction and growth. This includes the Christian life. So what is the proper environment? I don’t think a static or canned answer will suffice. But here are some principles that can inform the proper environment for dynamic Christianity!!

  1. Prayer – personal, communal, and networks. I need to pray, we need to pray, and they need to pray.
  2. Accountability – openness and honesty. Confidence and objectivity. Ears and heart. Sinful secrets are like poison. Confession and healing.
  3. Spirituality – Scripture ingestion, silent listening, and life with the community of believers is essential. There are no shortcuts here.
  4. Exercise – no one is useful dead. Rest and proper diet go hand-in-hand with exercise. Everyone needs a regular Sabbath.
  5. Scheduling – if you don’t schedule your time, someone will. Show your family you care by spending intentional, scheduled, uninterrupted time with them regularly. You can’t make up for lost time.
  6. Humility – God wants us, He doesn’t need us. You are always replaceable. A gracious servant is an humble and effective servant.
  7. Awareness – the Enemy is invisible, yet his effects are real. People are never our enemy, but will be used by our Enemy with every opportunity.

I don’t share these because I have mastered any of them. I share them to remind myself how far I have come, yet how far away I am. Lord, help me.



2 Responses

  1. This is really great stuff, I think I may add on more (Need for Community) and develop this into a lesson for my teens. Good to see ya blogging again Jeffy!!

  2. Thanx, Nate! Good to see someone reading! 🙂

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