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A Sweet Release

Mental Defragmentation:

  •  If the millions of stagnant, pew-sitting Christians were released from the bondage of institutionalism, the world could be won to Jesus in a matter of years.
  • If pastors would release and equip their “members” to start Bible studies in their own homes for their unchurched friends, co-workers, neighbors, and family, America would change nearly over night.
  • If we would “let go” and “let God,” the Holy Spirit would change us, churches, and the world.
  • If we trusted Jesus more than our buildings, budgets, programs, systems, traditions, lists, and “sacred” ideas, people would actually be able to know Him instead of just us.
  • If only we would actually die daily, Jesus could live on earth.
  • If only….



2 Responses

  1. You do like trouble, don’t you, lol???

  2. Certainly not looking for trouble, just being honest. We need to reread and rethink what Jesus did and begin forgetting what we’ve always done. Our arrogance is shutting us out from God’s best. We are doing good things at the expense of the best things.


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