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Reflections From Mothers Day

I know I am a little late with this post, but I haven’t had time to write in a couple of days. I had to stop and take this time to brag about some moms in my life, and reflect on parenting in general.

I love and respect my mom. She was and is a great mom and woman. She has inspired me in many ways. I watched her finish college while she was in her 30’s. She accomplished this while I was in Jr. High and High School, and my little sister was in Middle School and Jr High. She worked full time and part time jobs, and I never missed a meal. She was always at our events, and I can’t actually remember ever hearing her complain. She made straight A’s, and I hardly ever remember seeing her study, because she usually studied after we had gone to bed. Yep, this woman amazed me.

Thanx for what you taught me mom!

Now, I live with another amazing mom. I can’t possibly compare these two moms, and certainly wouldn’t take that risk, but I can tell you that my wife constantly amazes me. You see the main difference between Kacey and my mom, is that I really see what goes on behind the scenes now. You know, when the kiddos are not around. This woman could rule the world! She certainly does mine! She inspires me constantly to be better than I ever thought I could be. I watched her during the first 8 years of our marriage handle immense odds. July 25th of this year will be our 9 year anniversary. This is just a glimpse of what I have watched this woman accomplish:

  1. Moving at least 13 times, to 4 different states. (Louisiana, Texas, Missouri, Arkansas, and now we live in the fifth, Mississippi!)
  2. Finishing college (LSU-Shreveport) with an Elementary Education degree with nearly straight A’s.
  3. Giving birth to and raising three boys with in three of these years. (Jonathan – May 2000, Aaron – June 2002, and Caleb – June 2003)
  4. Working full and part time during most of this time.
  5. Being a great wife to a pastor, then a youth pastor intern, then a corporate retail associate, then a commission-based salesman, then a full time youth pastor, and now a church planter. (Believe me, each of my jobs presented it’s own set of challenges for our family!)

Yeah, she’s absolutely amazing. I hope that I have been at least half the person to her that she has been to me. We have had our rough moments, and I have sure made some stupid mistakes, but she has faithfully stood with and encouraged me.

I don’t really know what I would be without these two moms in my life.

 Happy Mother’s Day!



2 Responses

  1. kudo’s to mommma! Good to hear from ya my man. Stay awesome and remember this advise…Wear a cup when playing baseball!!


  2. Thanks for those kind words, son. You and Emily certainly made things easier for me while I went to school – what would I have done without you there to carpool her? And you enjoyed it so much!! And so did she! It brought you both great love and togetherness (HA!). Anyway, thank you. You and your family are a great blessing in my life – I am so thankful that God send Kacey to you. God bless you both! I love you!

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