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Been a While

OK, it’s been a long time since I actually wrote a post. I have some things planned for this blog in the near future. We are trying to put our finishing thoughts into our website for CrossLife, then I will link this blog with our website. I hope the two of them will become a training portal for people interested in starting and leading small groups and/or simple churches.

I am driven by a singular philosophy: Jesus lived a very simple, yet profound, life. Yeah, soak that in for a minute. Just a cursory walk through the Gospels reveals just how simple Jesus was. He wasn’t lavish, loud, or larger-than-life. He just met people right at their point of need and helped, healed, and held in love those who would listen and respond to His Message.

 Why have we complicated His simple Message of love and forgiveness with all of our stuff? I mean, people actually think that you have to go to a building, sing songs, listen to a preacher ramble on for an hour from a pulpit, take up an offering, and have an “invitation”. Many people think that if this is not done you haven’t had “church”. Why? Is this paradigm in the Bible? When did “church” start happening this way? To go further, when did “church” become something you attend, rather than being a living body you are a part of? (Please understand, I don’t mean to criticize any church. There are some great churches that are getting it done. Our sponsoring church, Trinity Baptist Church in West Memphis, is one of those. I am referring to many churches in general that have become absorbed with their traditions, creeds, statements, and ideas to point of neglecting being Jesus to the world at large.)

Do you “go” to church and “do” some stuff, or do you meet with the church for encouragement and equipping in your work for Christ? Do you “go” to “church” to worship, or do you worship God with your life everyday? Do you just sing a few songs and throw out a couple of prayers, or have you offered your life as a living sacrifice?

Christianity was never meant to revolve around one day of the week. It was never meant to be a weekly event. It is a lifestyle energized by a personal relationship with the person of Jesus the Christ. This “lifestyle” is lived within a context of accountable relationships with other individuals who are pursuing intimacy with Christ. This “lifestyle” takes on characteristics of love and service for those in the world, and a heart to see those people know Jesus. This is what the church, the Body of Christ, should look like and act like, because that is what Jesus did.

Does your life and church look like this?



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